About Us

Prytany was founded by one Democrat, one Republican, and one Independent with a simple objective: to organize the world of political engagement and ensure that everyone’s voice is heard.

Today’s political environment is increasingly polarized, in part, because existing tools of political engagement divide people, instead of unite them.

Prytany is different. Our goal is to bring together people of all political perspectives interested in learning about, directly engaging with and contributing to candidates and causes across the spectrum. How? We’ve created a quick, one-stop donation platform that connects users to political and issue advocacy campaigns of all shapes and sizes.

We have engineered a brand new platform for people to educate themselves about candidates from all parties, without the spin. We’ve also created a place where friends and neighbors can look at all sides of an ideological issue, and decide for themselves how they want their voice to be heard, without the fear of fake accounts and fake bots.

By now you’re wondering where we got the name. The original Prytany was a feature of the ancient Athenian Senate. It was a rotational executive body of the legislature.

Today’s Prytany would be similar to a rotational U.S. President. While that idea isn’t practical given the realities of our modern democracy, it is important to remember that a core characteristic of a healthy republic is governance by the people, for the people. Ours is an effort to facilitate that ideal.